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Training and Behaviour

Training and Behaviour

"because Training is what gives your DOG its FREEDOM!"

Recognizing a dog’s individual differences based on breeds & genetics, The Pawsh trains canines using methods of positive reinforcement like praise, toys and treats.

Problems such as separation anxiety, destructive behaviour, food agression, agression towards children or people, fear of sounds, vehicles, coprophaegia etc. are tackled by behaviour modification programs conducted by our Certified Trainer and Behaviourist.

We have Puppy School for ages 3-5 months, One-on-one Private Lessons for Obedience Training, and Buddy Training Programs.

Pet Resort

We provide day care for when you’re busy, swimming pool amenities on hot summer days & 24 hour dog and cat accommodation with private suites, Doggie Diner meals, toys & more.

DOG ACCCOMODATION: Each private suite is clean and hygienic, lighting, fans, insulated roofing (and air-coolers on request!), dog friendly bedding, aesthetically pleasing indoors and outdoors, toys, Doggie Diner or customised meals, swimming pool access, play time and more! In addition, we also have a well trained care takers, electronic surveillance systems and completely compounded boundaries for 100% safety.

Our swimming pool is temperature controlled, has a filtration system and an ozonator to maintain the highest standard of hygiene. The pool has an easy access with a ramp and is surrounded by a non skid surface to protect you as well as your pet. Life jackets are provided for extra buoyancy and safety.

CAT ACCCOMODATION: One private suite is dedicated for our feline friends. Clean and hygeinic, equipped with multi-storey cat furniture, scratch posts, cat bedding and litter trays. The room is completely secured and has a homely environment for all those house cats that require pampurring while you are away.

We also provide SMALL ANIMAL boarding for hamsters and guinea pigs!

Where your pet will be looked after while you're busy at work!

Grooming Salon for Dogs & Cats

Complete with a fully equipped professional grooming salon, a full size bathing tub & large fully air-conditioned styling area, we use the finest quality products and guarantee your pet will return looking absolutely dashing.

Besides regular baths, we have- Special baths for dogs with Black, Copper, White and Coarse coats; Medicated Baths for dogs with problematic skin and coat conditions; hot oil treatments for an even more lush coat.

Apart from the breed specific haircuts, we specialize in innovative hair cutting, styling and hair colour. Our professional groomer is qualified to give expert advice should you need it and is there to help make your pets grooming experience a relaxing and happy one.

Canine Hydrotherapy

"water therapy for your pets well being"

The Pawsh started India’s first canine hydrotherapy centre in 2009. Hydrotherapy has been proven beneficial for numerous medical conditions such as post-operative muscle regeneration & maintenance, sprains, hip dysplasia, arthritis and weight management to name some. It is also excellent exercise for large and giant breed puppies during their growth stages and is great exercise for hyperactive dogs.

Swimming is the perfect activity for all dogs young or old. It provides a non-weight bearing activity that avoids all the stresses and strains of exercising on hard ground. Any dog that is suffering from the conditions listed below will benefit from a controlled swimming activity. It will help to strengthen muscles without risking further injury. For post-operative dogs Hydrotherapy removes the weight loading on the injured limb and will enable the gradual rebuilding of wasted muscle. It reduces the pain and can accelerate recovery after surgery. Even ageing dogs can benefit from controlled swimming as the soothing effect of the warm water improves circulation and encourages increased mobility in sore, stiff and arthritic joints.

Canine Nutrition

Do you eat the same food at 6, 16, 40 and 60 years of age?

Dogs require different amounts and types of food according to their age, sex, breed, their activity level, coat condition, whether they are neutered or not, etc.

How many of you know ‘what’ exactly your pet is eating and whether it is the right food quality and quantity for your pet?

Remember: You’re pet DEPENDS ON YOU to make the right choice of food for him/her.

As our knowledge of the relationship between diet and health continues to advance and as the range of foods available for dogs continues to expand, it’s more important than ever to base feeding choices on good information.

Tailored to your pet’s nutritional requirements, we provide home -made natural food delivered to your door-step.

We offer Total Nutrition Consultations whereby helping you decide the right food quality, quantity and type of feeding style for your pet.

Every diet is personalised according to your pet’s age, gender, breed, activity levels, coat condition and medical conditions.

Also available special diets for Weight Loss and conditions like Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Heart Disease, Liver Problems, Allergies etc.

Our food is 100% natural, prepared daily from fresh ingredients and has NO artificial flavorings, preservatives or additives.

Pet Events

"because your DOG needs a SOCIAL LIFE just like you do!"

Realizing that our pets need to be socialized and also allowed to let their fur down, we regularly organize events and parties for pets and pet parents.

The idea is to encourage pets to have fun and be well behaved in social scenarios. With a focus on knowledge sharing, we organize awareness programs such as Breed Meets, Pawsitive Parenting for Puppies, Play Dates and Workshops. Also available: monthly socialization and play session packages.